About us

DOAN GLASS Ltd. trades and processes glass according to standards. The goal of the company is to provide the local market with quality glass products for facades and various constructions. By successfully realizing its goal, it wants to be a dignified company in the Albanian market and to compete better in the domestic and foreign markets.

To achieve these objectives, the firm must operate at a level of profit that allows it to invest continuously in improving its products and image. Quality, correctness and reasonable prices make our company successful in the Albanian market, as well as in the Kosovar and Macedonian markets.

DOAN GLASS has fair relations with its suppliers. The firm adheres to the strict implementation of contracts with external and internal suppliers.

Among the main suppliers we can mention: SISE CAM, GUARDIAN, PILINGTON, SAINT GOBAIN, AL-7, ALUPRO, FENZI, SATINAL GROUP (Distributor for Albania), AGC, GEN CLOUD (Distributor for Albania).

Industry environment

DOAN GLASS sh.p.k. operates in an industry which is increasing from year to year. This is because the demand for glass is derived from the need for housing, construction, infrastructure, which require in addition to quantity and quality. The needs of the construction industry have had a positive trend, marking an increase in requests every year. This request, however, is influenced by seasonal fluctuations because the constructions are carried out in the hottest months of the year. There are great opportunities in the region, such as Kosovo, which is in great need, Italy, the domestic market.

By obtaining the ISO (9001) certification, the Guardian Glass certification, a company based in Germany, DOAN shpk aims to penetrate markets where the competition is at the highest level. In the Albanian glass market, this company has a satisfactory position in glass processing and trading. With all the high competition, this company competes both in price and in quality.


The mission of our company is to offer our customers the best products on the market, thermal insulation products to have a better environment in the place where they live and work. To offer quality services and with high speed in the completion of projects, renting the facility would shorten the time in the completion and distribution of the products.

Our advantages

The advantages of our business are numerous. Our company has several years of experience in the market, we have modern technology in the field of glass and other products, we offer customers transport and flexibility as the environment in which we work has become diverse.